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Five Mibs and a Martini Horse Two Olympia The Yards Bloom Sorrow Graffiti, Scooters, & Such DieselPunk ePulp Showcase v2 Purchase Anita Dime stories for
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Listen to Bloom for free from the Coffee Contrails website.

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Bloom is a noir Dieselpunk story about the struggling Region 5 Port Terminus, a Kuiper Belt aqua-farming space port. Running on algal crude, the space port is a mix of diesel engines with bio-tech machines. Look for this story in the DieselPunk ePulp Showcase v2. Free download at Smashwords. EPUB format. It is also available for sale for the Kindle

Horse Two, second edition, is available for free download: PDF and Kindle.

Free eBook for iPad only: Graffiti, Scooters, and Such contains travel photos taken in Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and USA about graffiti, scooters, and such. 2011 - 2013


In addition to writing, I love making prints to go along with the stories. Original prints, created for Anita Dime stories, can be purchased at my online store.

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  • Five Mibs and a Martini: short story collection: this collection of five short stories includes original linocut artwork by the author and cocktail pairings by Ali B. The included short stories are: "Horse Two" 2nd ed., "Olympia" 2nd ed., "The Yards", "Bloom", and "Sorrow".
  • The Yards is the next within the Anita Dime noir mini-series, featuring Bea as she conceals her where-abouts from Jack Drury by working within the Chicago Stockyards in the late 1930s. How can she get the word out about the German telegrams she delivered in the short story "Olympia" and protect her Union friends from the yard.


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